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Do you notice how your child holds their pencil, pen, color, or other writing tool? If you don't, you should know that it can influence how they develop their fine-motor skills. To teach them the correct way to grab a pencil, continue reading.

How to Teach a Child to Hold a Pencil Correctly

  1. The first step is to teach your child  the tripod grip. This is the correct gripping technique, as it is the most ergonomic. To employ it, your child will need to hold the pencil with the thumb and index and middle fingers.
  2. For you, grabbing a pencil may not be challenging at all. Still, young children have not developed their fine motor-skills effectively yet. That's why you should provide your child with a pencil grip aid that will help them get familiar with the correct way to hold a pencil. Give them a fun colored one to motivate them.
  3. A lot of the times, children get used to holding the pencil or writing tool with their whole hand. A way to correct this is to reduce the gripping space: give them shorter pencils to that end.
  4. While your child is getting used to the tripod grip and especially if they already have an incorrect gripping method, you will need to pay attention to how they hold their pencil and correct them when you see them make a mistake.
  5. Finally, it's crucial that you provide your child with enough practice opportunities to ensure they learn the tripod grip perfectly. Encourage them to draw, scribble and write to that end.

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