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Math can be fun. It’s not all about solving problems in a notebook. Here are some fun ways to teach your child to enjoy math without getting a notebook involved.

Liking Math Can Make It Easier

Math can be intimidating for many students. Math often gets a bad reputation as a tough subject because of all those formulas and rules. If math didn’t exist, we wouldn’t have literature or science either. The best way to deal with math nerves is to learn to appreciate it and find something fun in it. Here are some tips to help you teach your child to learn to love math.

Lead by Example

You can’t expect your children to find love for something you hate. If you’re not a math lover, you need to pretend you are for your child’s sake! Teach them about the many uses math has in their everyday life. Maybe with time you can appreciate it too.

Kitchen Math

Does your child enjoy helping you in the kitchen? Use this activity as a learning opportunity. Your child can practice their math skills by helping you double portions, converting pounds into grams, dividing quantities correctly, the possibilities are endless! They’ll also have a tasty treat at the end of their practice.

Puzzles and Toys

Board games like Monopoly, UNO or puzzles like Sudoku can be excellent math practice. Your child will be so invested in the game that they won’t even notice they’re practicing math.

For Tutoring in Evanston

Tutoring in Evanston can be a great tool for those who aren't fond of math. Children any age can benefit from it and become better learners. Take your child to The Tutoring Center, Evanston IL to try one of their many tutoring programs. Contact them at 2242102244 if you have any questions.


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