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Many parents consider tutoring as a last resort when their child is struggling with school. However, bad grades aren’t the only sign that proves your child could benefit from tutoring. Here are some of the signs that may show your child needs a tutor.

Are your child’s grades slipping? Does your child use every possible method to avoid doing their homework? Is everything involving school a constant struggle? If you answered yes to any of this questions, your child might be in dire need of a tutor. These are the tops signs you should start looking for tutoring options to help your child out.

Signs Your Child Needs Tutoring

  • Slipping grades: The most obvious sign you’ll get is slipping grades. If you see your child struggling with the same subject for more than three months in a row, they need extra help.
  • Frustration: You need to pay close attention to what your child says. If they express frustration or “hate” about a particular subject, something is going on. While it’s completely normal for students to complain about school, if it happens on a daily basis there might be a problem.
  • Avoids homework: Yes, no student enjoys doing homework, but getting out of their way to avoid doing it or becoming frustrated while they're working on it, is a sign your child needs some extra support.
  • Behavior problems: Another sign that your child might be struggling at school is a change in their behavior. Feeling frustrated or irritated at little things shows that there’s an issue going in on there.
  • Their hard work doesn’t reflect in their grades: You know that your child is making an effort to study, but it's not reflected in their results. Perhaps your child isn’t studying the right way and needs a tutor to show them how to do it correctly.
  • The teacher suggested tutoring: Teachers see firsthand how students work. If the teacher tells you your child is falling behind or has trouble concentrating, it might be a good idea to consider tutoring as an option.

A Great Tutoring Option in Evanston

The Tutoring Center, Evanston IL has different tutoring programs that will help your child get back on the good-grade track. You can call them at 2242102244 to learn about their programs and how they can help your child.


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