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Books introduce you to new worlds, new people, and new knowledge. Help your child become a lifelong reader with these tips.

Reading Is More Than Just a Hobby

Many students only read if it’s required (if they do it at all). Reading is not only an excellent hobby, it also makes children better learners and might even be the key to their success. People with high reading levels tend to have lower unemployment rates.  Help your child build a stronger vocabulary, gain new skills, and learn more about their interests by instilling in them the love of reading. Here are some ideas you can try to inspire your youngster to love books.

Reading Should Be...

  • Personal: It’s easier for a child to enjoy a story if they can relate to it. Try to find books that speak to your child on a more personal level. Look for something related to their favorite hobbies or situations they’re going through.
  • Fun: You can’t force a child to read history if they don’t like it. Don’t force your child to read something that doesn’t appeal to them or they’ll look at books as a punishment or a chore. Instead, let reading be a fun and enjoyable experience. If your child likes sci-fi or comics, let them be.
  • A family affair: How do you expect your child to develop an interest in something you clearly dislike? Make some time to read to together, whether it be the same book or each with their own.
  • Rewarded: Maybe your child needs a little incentive to start reading. You can try creating a rewards system for how much they read. Hopefully, as time goes by, incentives won’t be necessary to get your child reading.

Does Your Child Need Tutoring to Improve Their Reading Skills?

If your youngster seems to be allergic to books and reading in general, it might be because they need to work on their reading skills and could do with some tutoring. Contact The Tutoring Center, Evanston IL at 224210224 to learn about their tutoring programs and how they can help your child enjoy books.


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