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Every person finds it easier to learn information in a different a manner. The way they prefer to learn is called a learning style. There are four main options when it comes to learning styles. You might notice that your child is great at solving math problems or puzzles, but has no apparent dancing abilities. If they prefer to ask questions over making up stories, that's because they are logical learners. We all prefer to learn in different ways, which is why we have different learning styles. Here's some information about different learning styles.

The Four Learning Styles

  1. Visual: Visual learners need to be able to see the information. They prefer written instructions, diagrams, pictures, and drawings. Their notes are often surrounded by doodles.
  2. Logical: Logical learners enjoy math, patterns, and puzzles. They always look for a logical explanation for every situation and are constantly asking questions about why or how things happen. They often get frustrated or struggle with more creative lessons that steer away from logic.
  3. Kinesthetic: Kinesthetic learners need to be part of the experience. Experiments, games, role-playing, and exercises where they get to move are the perfect way to get them learning. They are always moving since this helps them retain information.
  4. Auditory: Auditory learners prefer spoken lessons. They can easily memorize songs, speeches, and keywords mentioned by the teacher. Silence is their worst learning enemy. However, they are easily distracted when noise is excessive.

For a More Personalized Learning Experience, Try Tutoring in Evanston

Tutoring will give your child a more personalized learning experience. Since tutoring groups are reduced, the tutor can adapt the lessons to suit your child's learning styles. Call The Tutoring Center, Evanston IL at 2242102244 if your notice your child needs some tutoring help or if you want them to get ahead.


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