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It's not easy for some people to remember information. If your child struggles to recall something they just heard, you can help them strengthen their memory.

Does Your Child Have a Working Memory Problem?

The working memory is the ability to remember information in the short-term and use it promptly. It’s the type of memory people use to follow recipes or answer mental math problems. If your child struggles to remember something they just heard, they might have a working memory problem. You can help them improve the memory with these tips.
  1. Break information down into small chunks: It’s tough for children to remember instructions if you give them all in a single sentence. Instead, you should divide the information into small sections. If possible, write it down.
  2. De-stress: A stressed-out brain blocks all new learning and doesn’t allow it to make connections with old memories. You should help your child relax before they set out to do their homework or chores. Unwinding will help open up their brain networks.
  3. Let them make their own examples: Help your child create connections between what they need to remember and their personal experiences.
  4. Music and rhymes: If your child finds it easy to remember songs, they’re probably auditory learners. So, if you want them to remember information, you should try turning it into a song or a rhyme. Make it easier for your youngster to remember it.
  5. Make learning fun: It’s always easier for children to learn when they’re having fun, it also makes the lesson more memorable. Learning shouldn’t be limited to books and repetition. If you want your child to remember dates, take them to the museum or have them watch a movie.

Get Some Extra Help With Tutoring in Evanston

If you want your child to be a better learner and develop a stronger memory, tutoring in Evanston can help. The Tutoring Center, Evanston IL has various tutoring programs your child can try. Call them at 2242102244 to learn more.


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