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If you have the intent to read more, but you can't seem to stay committed to it, follow the tips in the post below to become an avid reader.

How to Read More

  1. The first step is to establish goals to work towards. Make sure that they are realistic and challenging, but doable, so you don't feel intimidated by them.
  2. If your problem is following through with your goals, let other people know you have them. This way, you'll feel pressured by them, which will keep you accountable.
  3. How can you increase your book count if you have no books to read? Always carry a book with you, so you can crack it open any chance you get.
  4. While it may seem counterintuitive, you should try reading more than one book at once. This way, you can go back and forth between them as your reading mood changes.
  5. Reading more should also include reading new material. If you mostly read short stories, expand your horizon to read the news, biographies, interviews, and more.
  6. Something to keep in mind is that you don't need to finish a book that you're not enjoying. Quit so that you can keep your reading time fun and increase your book count.
  7. Nowadays, there are different platforms through which to read books (from audiobooks, to tablets, smartphones, and more). Take advantage of them to meet your reading goals.
  8. Lastly, if you can, find someone to share what you're reading. For instance, you can create a book club with friends. Doing so will make reading more enjoyable, entertaining, and enriching.

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