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A well-read child will be able to communicate better, have a higher understanding of the world around them, widen their vocabulary, and much more. To help your child reap the benefits that can come out of being an avid reader, here are some tips on how to encourage them to read more.

How to Encourage Your Child to Read

  1. The first tip is to give your child the freedom to pick a book that interests them. This way, you can guarantee that they'll be more eager to crack it open. Just check that it's appropriate for their age and understanding.
  2. An important factor in having an enjoyable reading time, is the conditions around you. That's why, you should provide a comfy, well-lit space that's free of distractions for your child to read in.
  3. Not being able to understand their reading material can turn your child away from the activity. To help them provide a dictionary they can use to look up unfamiliar words.
  4. Speaking of reading comprehension, encourage your child to highlight and take notes of what they read. This will engage them with the material further, will help their focus, and will improve their comprehension.
  5. Finally, something that can make reading all the more fun, enjoyable, and enriching, is giving them a chance to share with you. Discuss the book, exchange impressions, and learn from each other's perspective.

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