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Parents often worry about their children losing all their school learning while on summer vacation. Here are some goals to keep your children busy, learning, and having fun this summer.

Summer Can Be Fun and Productive

Ah, summer! The perfect time for your stressed child to relax and unwind. Students can finally get a break from school, but for many parents, summer means having to worry about their child lying in bed or on the couch all day watching TV and losing all that they learned during the school year. Why don’t you help your child set some goals for this summer so that they can make it a fun and productive one? They can still lazy around for the most part, but they can balance it out with some learning.

5 Summer Goals for Your Young Ones

  1. Do some reading: Inspire your child to develop a love for reading this summer. Books can enhance your child’s vocabulary and improve their academic skills. Summer is an excellent time to read a couple of books, or maybe even join a summer book club.
  2. Start writing: Writing is a wonderful habit to have. Invite your child to start keeping a journal or a diary where they can document their summer vacation, thoughts, and ideas.
  3. Get moving: Encourage your child to burn off some of their never-ending energy supply by doing some physical activity. Moving will help them oxygenate their brain and have fun. Sign them up for a class such as dancing, swimming, baseball, or something else.
  4. Try something different: Children’s brains need to be challenged to grow. Help your child learn something different. Maybe they can try to play an instrument, learn to cook, try a new language, etc.
  5. Visit new places: Take a break from the routine and invite your child to visit someplace they’ve never been before. Make this a family goal. Go somewhere new and create new memories.

Enroll Your Child in Summer Tutoring in Evanston

Keep your child’s mind active and learning by enrolling them in a summer tutoring program. Let them enjoy the great benefits of tutoring by calling The Tutoring Center, Evanston IL at 2242102244 to learn about their various summer programs.


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