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Even though reading is often thought of to be an activity you do on your own, reading with others can have huge benefits. For example, if you have a younger child at home, reading with them can do wonders for them in different ways. To learn why that is, refer to the post below.

How Reading with...

Parents often worry about their children losing all their school learning while on summer vacation. Here are some goals to keep your children busy, learning, and having fun this summer.

Summer Can Be Fun and Productive

Ah, summer! The perfect time for your stressed child to relax and unwind....
Your child doesn't need to be failing class so you can sign them up for a tutoring program. Here are some of the benefits of tutoring that might make you change your mind. 

4 Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in a Tutoring Program

Some clear signs that your child needs tutoring classes are that...
Books introduce you to new worlds, new people, and new knowledge. Help your child become a lifelong reader with these tips.

Reading Is More Than Just a Hobby

Many students only read if it’s required (if they do it at all). Reading is not only an excellent hobby, it also makes children better...
It's not easy for some people to remember information. If your child struggles to recall something they just heard, you can help them strengthen their memory.

Does Your Child Have a Working Memory Problem?

The working memory is the ability to remember information in the short-term and use it...
There are plenty of ways to be there for your child while they do their homework without giving them the answers. Here are some tips to help your child out.

Make Homework Time Easier

Homework is a way for teachers to measure how well a child understands the subject. Not many children enjoy...
Ms. Harries teaches second grade at Dewey Elementary. She was nominated by TTC student, Zach, for her caring, patient, and encouraging demeanor. Zach says Ms. Harries has gone above and beyond as a teacher by allowing messy hands-on experiments and by increasing Zach’s confidence in his...
New Year's resolution teach children how to work towards goals. Help your child make smart resolutions with these tips.

As adults, it's easy for us to forget about our January resolutions two months into the new year. Maybe we'll feel slightly guilty for a couple of days, but the feeling soon...


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