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Ms. Harries teaches second grade at Dewey Elementary. She was nominated by TTC student, Zach, for her caring, patient, and encouraging demeanor. Zach says Ms. Harries has gone above and beyond as a teacher by allowing messy hands-on experiments and by increasing Zach’s confidence in his artwork. 

Ms. Harries became interested in teaching while observing a friend working with young children. Her colleagues are the ones who still inspire her to this day. Her favorite part about teaching is watching the kids “get it” and seeing their engagement in her lessons. Teaching is not Ms. Harries’ only passion; she enjoys reading, yoga, talking and hanging with her friends, and sleeping (who doesn’t enjoy a good snooze?) She also enjoys learning about the world through her travels. The TTC staff thinks the best part about Ms. Harries is that, if she could choose any superpower, she would be Kindness Girl, sharing kindness to all she meets! Congrats, Ms. Harries - keep up the amazing work!


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